How to Tell if a Disinfectant Will Actually Help Eliminate COVID-19

If you know more about chemical disinfectants than you did a year ago, you're not alone. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, everyone has gotten a crash course in disinfecting their spaces. So which disinfectants actually work on a wide scale to eliminate COVID-19?

Don't get tied to any brand name disinfectant. Instead, look for products that meet EN14476 standards for effectiveness. These are the best options to meet COVID-19 standard testing for disinfection. They provide the surety and safety institutions need.

What Is EN14476?

EN14476, simply stated, is the European Standard for disinfecting products killing viruses. Examples of such viruses include influenza and norovirus.

Researchers have confirmed that the standard is effective against enveloped viruses, which now includes COVID-19. Officials have explained that professionals should use these. They disinfect high-traffic areas with efficiency.

Disinfectants that meet the EN14476 standards kill more viruses than commonplace brands you might get at the grocer's, and the testing standards indicate the time required for the product to be effective. They are formulated for both direct application to non-porous surfaces and for misting fabrics and upholstery.

When choosing an EN14476 product, it must meet the minimum log reduction within a stipulated time frame - for example 5 minutes. Check with your supplier for documentation of testing. It must satisfy the EN14476 standards and provide secure protection from the virus.

Are EN1276 Products Just as Good?

If you can't find products that meet EN14476 standards, then EN1276 should be just as good, right? Wrong. EN1276 standards, in simple terms, describes disinfectants that work on bacteria. COVID-19 results from coronavirus, not bacteria.

Viruses and bacteria are different microorganisms. They require different compounds to break them down and kill them. Using anti-bacterial products - like those that meet EN1276 standards - are useless against coronavirus.

Be sure to track down antiviral cleaning products for your disinfection purposes.

How Do COVID-19 Disinfectants Work?

The goal of disinfectants is to kill viruses, not wipe them away. A basic explanation is that proper disinfectants will break down the cell wall of a virus. Once this occurs, the virus cannot spread.

Enveloping membranes encase viruses. These are damaged by disinfectants such as alcohol or specifically formulated products that are equally effective, but do not contain alcohol. When exposed to the disinfectant for a period of time, so much damage can be done to the virus that it becomes inactive.

EN14476 products are approved for enveloped viruses. This means they are tested and shown to be effective against viruses that have these types of cell walls.

How to Increase Your COVID-19 Disinfectant Efficiency

When cleaning to maintain safe protocols during the COVID-19 pandemic make strategic choices. Using the right products and leaving yourself enough time are necessary to make sure you are killing the virus.

Disinfectants work over time. You'll need to be able to apply the disinfectant and let it sit for the required amount of time as it breaks down the cell walls of any viruses present.

Faster is better when it comes to choosing a disinfectant. If you need to disinfect something are you willing to wait five minutes before moving on? What about 10? That's why EN14476 standards will help you find products that can be effective in the shortest possible time, typically one minute. .

Choosing the most effective and fastest EN14476 disinfectants can save you time. Time is money, so make sure you are able to clean with efficiency.

Which Disinfectants Are Not Working?

There are many disinfectants or sanitisers on the market that may be advertised as "non-toxic," "green," or "sustainable." These are very admirable characteristics and we support a sustainable, circular economy. 

t is important to choose the least harmful products that can be produced with sustainability. But some things advertised as able to kill COVID-19 may not be disinfectants at all.

If a product is "natural" and does not include a suitable active ingredient, it more than likely does not contain any anti-viral properties.

Benzalkonium chloride products are also questionable. These do not necessarily breakdown viruses the same way certified products do but may be a good alternative if other items are not available to disinfect immediately.

3G Medical Products You Can Trust

When fighting COVID-19 your best disinfectant options include those that meet EN14476 standards and which act quickly. At 3G Medical we supply physicians, dental practices, schools, gyms and businesses with supplies to disinfect their offices and equipment. Our trusted disinfectants include:

Surface Disinfectant and Sanitising Wipes

Our wipes work in under one minute for sanitising and disinfecting surfaces. They are tested and verified by both European Union and United Kingdom standards. They are anti-viral but also anti-bacterial.

Use these on surfaces like external medical equipment, counters, door handles, tables, and more.

These wipes are alcohol-free and unscented. Refills can be purchased and the original dispensing bucket reused.

These wipes are Made in Britain®.

Disinfectant Sanitising Surface Spray - Ready to Use

Our surface disinfecting spray also works in less than one minute. It comes ready to use on non-porous surfaces.

Meeting both United Kingdom and European Union standards, the spray is both anti-bacterial and anti-viral. It is also alcohol-free.

This spray is Made in Britain®.

What to Look for in a Disinfectant That Will Eliminate COVID-19

Whether purchasing one of our EN14476 disinfectants or another brand's, you should review the label and other documentation. Ask for a Safety Data Sheet and lab reports.

It should show the product's verified testing. This lab report and independent testing information should show how quickly it worked and what percentage of viruses on the tested surface are now inactive.

If a supplier claims EN14476 standards but does not provide any evidence of related testing, it is best to do some further research.

Purchase Disinfectants That Work from 3G Medical

Be certain your medical spaces are safe and clean as you work to eliminate COVID-19. Our Made in Britain® surface disinfectant products to give you absolute certainty that your offices, classes and consulting rooms are clean. Use these EN14476 products to quickly and efficiently clean your space.

Trusted since 2015, we provide you with top-notch products and service as we eliminate COVID-19 together. Purchase our effective antiviral disinfectants to stay top of coronavirus contamination in your space in 2021.

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