Top 7 Cleaning and Disinfectant Products Made in Britain®

The past year has made buying the right cleaning and disinfectant products more of a necessity than ever before. Getting the right product determines whether it protects you and those around you.

Where do you start?

Whether you are searching for the right way to clean or disinfect you school classroom, your business, or your home, it can be overwhelming to decide what products are best.

Naturally, because of COVID-19, there are more buy-in-bulk disinfectant products than ever. But do you know where the products are made? And if they are up to industry standards?

Don't worry. We have you covered with this list of our top cleaning and disinfectant products. To make our list, these products had to meet the following criteria:

  1. The product must be Made in Britain
  2. The product must meet industry standards
  3. The product must be available in bulk at a decent price

Why do we place so much emphasis on the Made in Britain aspect? By buying a Made in Britain product, you are not only reducing your carbon footprint, but you are supporting our economy. Due to the impact of coronavirus on the UK market and jobs, this is more important than ever before.

Without further delay, here are our top 7 cleaning and disinfectant products:

1. Hand Sanitiser by Eschmann

Hand sanitisers can be efficient, but many are tough on the skin.

We recommend this hand sanitiser by Eschmann for daily use, as it protects your hands and skin. It contains 70% alcohol and kills 99.9% of bacteria. But it also protects and conditions your hands, thanks to the coconut oil in it.

This product meets the health and safety standards of the World Health Organisation and European standards. So you can be reassured that you and others are well protected.

Eschmann sells it in 5 litres, 500ml and 60ml bottles, so you can buy in bulk at the size that suits your needs.

2. Disinfectant Wipes by 3G Medical

We would not be qualified to recommend cleaning and disinfecting products if ours were not up to standard! So of course, some of our products feature on this list.

Our disinfectant wipes are independently tested to the highest standard and work in a minute or less. Use on countertops, handles, desks, and other surfaces.

We are one of very few manufacturers that have tested our product successfully against all viruses, including COVID-19, as per EN14476 standards.  All our products meet EU and UK health and safety regulations. Laboratory reports are available for viewing on our website for peace of mind.

We understand that disinfectant products may be used in a variety of settings including schools, the workplace and other spaces. It is therefore essential that these products are suitable, no matter the application. This is why our products are PH neutral and free from hazardous chemicals, alcohol, scent or bleach.

3. Toilet Cleaner by Bio-D

Bio-D is a British family run, ethical business with a range of cleaning products.

Their toilet cleaner is environmentally friendly but does not compromise on quality. What is better than a sparkling toilet without harm to the environment?

The cleaner successfully removes discolouration on enamel and porcelain. But it does not damage tanks or cesspits.

A bonus is that it is fully biodegradable. Bottles are refillable, which is perfect for reducing waste.

4. Disinfectant Sprays by 3G Medical

We are all aware of the need to disinfect hard surfaces, both at home and at work. Obvious contact areas like handles, armrests, table tops and others require a great disinfectant spray that can either be wiped off, or left to dry. 

Alcohol free alternatives are great because they do not evaporate as quickly, and if properly formulated, can last much longer.

Disinfecting clothing, soft furnishings and textiles are not as obvious, but no less essential.

Have you tried to walk into a clothing store recently and asked if you could use the fitting room? Chances are you were turned down. Even though there is no real, clear evidence yet that COVID-19 can be spread in this way, store operators are being overly cautious, and rightly so.

We recently emphasised the importance of cleaning as well as disinfecting clothing to prevent the spread of this and other harmful viruses.

For the above reasons, we have included our British produced disinfectant sprays.

We have two types of disinfectant sprays available:

  • Anti-viral Disinfectant Sanitising Surface Spray

  • Anti-Viral Disinfectant Sanitising Fabric and Garment Spray

Once again, our surface spray is EN14476 certified. It works in one minute or less, but can also be safely left on surfaces.

It also does not have any unpleasant odour because it is unscented.

The same qualities apply for the disinfectant surface spray. This spray eliminates bacteria, viruses, yeast, and fungi. Use on furnishings, fabrics, upholstery and garments in commercial settings or your home.

5. Patio and Stone Cleaner by Delphis Eco

With all the face masks and hand sanitiser we're buying, not many people are thinking about the need to clean their patio or stone surfaces. But they still need love!

Delphis Eco produces a range of products right here in the UK. Their cleaning products are not tested on animals and use sustainable materials. You can buy a reliable British product, which is also environmentally friendly.

You can use this patio and stone cleaner inside and outside buildings safely. It removes stubborn stains and other issues such as soot quickly, so your space will be clean before you know it.

6. Limescale Remover by Delphis Eco

Did you know that bacteria and germs breed in heavy limescale? We're very focused on the coronavirus, but general cleanliness and hygiene is as important, if not more so, than ever. 

This is the second product on our list by Delphis Eco and our pick for the top British made limescale remover. The product does not contain harmful acids, so there is no toxic risk. Have peace of mind using this around your home and in public settings.

Use on sinks, taps, toilets, baths and showers. It also works on all surfaces, including enamel and steel.

7. Hand Sanitiser Stand by Regency Design & Price Limited

OK, so this is not technically a cleaning or disinfectant type product, and more suited for business owners or schools. But are you looking for a way to give out hand sanitiser safely? It would help if you had a hand sanitiser dispenser. A dispenser is perfect for preparing your workplace or other spaces to meet health and safety protocols.

No one wants to worry about touching a shared hand sanitiser, so this stand has an automatic sensor. The coating also prevents the growth of viruses, bacteria, and biofilm by up to 99.99% on the machine.

You can also add extras, such as thermal scanners, a drip tray and mask boxes.

All parts are made in Britain. Plus Regency Design manufacture it, who have been making products in Britain for over 35 years.

Buy Quality Bulk Disinfectant Products

Why buy in bulk? Buying in bulk is not only good for commercial or public settings. It also can save you money and time as a homeowner, especially with COVID-19 restrictions and another national lockdown.

Now more than ever, we all want to keep well stocked up to keep to coronavirus health and safety protocols.

And of course, buying Made in Britain products means quality you can trust. No one wants to receive inadequate cleaning and disinfectant products.

Limited in storage space, and bulk buying is not possible? Don't worry! Our (and most other) products have no minimum requirements to order either! So contact us or any of the manufacturers mentioned on this list today for more information about the quality disinfectant products we produce, and to discuss your specific needs.


Made in Britain® is a registered trademark of Made in Britain Campaign Limited

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