Voice of the Customer – An Interview with 3G Medical Customer IT Cleaning

We are all hoping the distribution of the vaccine will allow some semblance of normality to return in the near future. In the past year we’ve had to adapt the way we do business, the way we enjoy friends and family, the way we raise our children.

COVID-19 will have an impact on humans in ways we do not yet fully understand. At the same time, we have to deal with life one day at a time, and all we can do is our best to ensure we keep calm and carry on.

In this new “Voice of the Customer” series, we will be highlighting different businesses that use 3G Medical products, not just in the fight against COVID, but as part of their general cleaning and disinfecting protocol.

After all, we have been making quality disinfectant products since 2012, and we will be doing so both during and after the global pandemic.

Interview with Stephen Yates at IT Cleaning Ltd

Please briefly describe your business, and what you do.

IT Cleaning Ltd. specialise in the cleaning of data centres, data rooms, comms rooms etc. to ISO 14644-1 2015 class 8 plus all accessible surfaces free from dust. We also clean broadcast environments like galleries, studios, edit suites and cubicles etc.

Describe the 3G Medical products you use, and why you chose those products.

We use two products: sanitising spray and sanitising wipes. We use the spray in broadcast cleaning spraying the product onto a microfibre cloth  and then wiping all surfaces apart from screens as it smears on these.

We can not use the spray in data centres as the mist may be drawn into the server/switch etc. This could cause issues on the PCBs (circuit boards). For example, the chemical could interact with copper causing the copper to oxidize (rust). This is known as copper creep. This creep can cause two pathways on the PCB to touch each other, causing a short circuit and problems for our customer. We therefore use the wipes to wipe down surfaces in data centres.

Please outline how COVID-19 has impacted your business

As a company we have become much busier since COVID-19, due to the increase in cleaning required in broadcasting environments.

Name one thing you think people don’t normally consider when looking to engage your company.

The amount of experience we have in our field. I personally have almost 19 years of experience in the cleaning of data centres and broadcast environments, one of our first customers was ITN.

How important is it to you to buy products from UK manufacturers (supporting Made in Britain®)

This is very important to me and my companu’s ethos. Most of the products we purchase are made in the U.K.

How can potential customers get in touch with you?

Our website is www.itcleaning.co.uk. We can be reach by email at sales@itcleaning.co.uk or call me on 07810 893218.

Please add any additional information you wish to include, that is not covered in the above?

We were looking for a product, which was made in the U.K. and could replace the IPA 70% 30% which was discolouring plastics, like keyboards etc.


The global pandemic has made us all aware just how important disinfecting and sanitising surfaces can be. Some companies like IT Cleaning Ltd make it their mission to provide professional services in specialised situations. 3G Medical Ltd is a proud supplier of IT Cleaning Ltd, and will continue to support them and our other clients in the fight against COVID-19 and beyond.

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