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Anti-Microbial 120gsm Disposable Hospital Cubicle Curtains

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    3G Medical manufactures Anti-Microbial 120gsm Disposable Hospital Cubicle Curtains for a wide range of clients around the world.

    Since 2013, our curtains have been used in some of the most challenging medical situations in the world, and showed no bacterial growth after more than 12 months of no cleaning and no washing.

    Lower your costs, reduce Hospital Acquired Infections and support a circular economy with 3G Medical Disposable Curtains:

    HAI Icon 

    Fights Against Hospital Acquired Infections

    Hospital Acquired Infections, also known as Healthcare Acquired Infections or HAIs, account for more than £2billion cost for the NHS alone. Beyond that, in 2016/2017 HAIs caused more than 22,000 deaths.¹ 

    Innovations in materials and engineering processes have seen an evolution in the use of privacy curtains globally. Hanging, changing, storing and laundering of traditional curtains are not an efficient way to ensure patient safety.

    Our 100% polypropylene curtains are recyclable, easy to change, cost effective and coated with a proprietary formula that is proven to inhibit bacterial and sporicidal growth. 

    Combined with an efficient change protocol, the 3G Medical disposable curtains can assist facilities in significantly reducing the risk of HAIs due to contaminated cubicle, shower and window curtains.

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    Saves Money, Time and Space

    Our disposable curtains will save you a significant amount of money in the long term. Because we manufacture our own curtains, you get the best possible price without paying for intermediaries. Our curtains are made in ISO 13485:2016 certified facility in South Africa. Due to the trade agreements between South Africa and the UK, we are able to import our curtains free of duty, saving you more money. This allows us to offer a superior product at a lower price.

    Compared with traditional curtains, the move to disposable curtains have significant cost saving benefits:

    • It is much easier to change over disposable curtains, due to their weight and flexibility. 
    • You no longer need to send your curtains out for laundering, and you do not have to invest in machinery to launder in-house.
    • You do not need to carry multiple sets of curtains to ensure continuity while curtains are being laundered. This frees up space and reduces your capital investment requirements. Our curtains are 100% recyclable. Simply recycle with your other plastics or (if soiled) treat as you would clinical waste.
    • You do not have to carry your curtains on your balance sheet - disposable curtains can be treated as a consumable.
    • With fast delivery, you can order curtains to match your change protocol. This means you do not have to carry or store a large amount of disposable curtains.

    Every facility has different needs and requirements. We would be delighted to provide you with a risk-free assessment of your facility to indicate how much you could save by switching to 3G Medical Disposable Hospital Curtains.

    Circular Economy Icon 

    Contributes to the Circular Economy

    We are passionate about manufacturing products that assists in the move to a circular economy. We simply cannot sustain the "take | make | waste" approach of the past. 

    Our disposable hospital curtains are made from 100% non-woven polypropylene. That makes them 100% recyclable. Our hook options are made from recycled plastic. Used curtains can be recycled and remade into a wide variety of items, thereby contributing to the circular economy and reducing waste.

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    ISO 13485:2016 Manufacturer

    According to the International Organization for Standardization: "ISO 13485:2016 specifies requirements for a quality management system where an organization needs to demonstrate its ability to provide medical devices and related services that consistently meet customer and applicable regulatory requirements."² 

    3G Medical Disposable Curtains and manufactured in our ISO 134485:2016 accredited facility in South Africa. This gives you the peace of mind that you are buying a product that is consistently manufactured to the highest standards, while maintaining relevant health and safety protocols and compliance with any relevant regulatory framework.

    The integrity of the supply chain for the UK and Europe has never been more critical. With the influx of cheap, unusable PPE, testing equipment and medical devices in recent months, it is absolutely mandatory to ensure your facility is supplied by first rate, certified manufacturers. 

    You simply cannot risk the alternative.

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    Meets the Highest Standards

    Our coated, anti-microbial and sporicidal curtains are independently tested and verified to ISO 20743:2013 standards. This is the standard used to test the anti-bacterial properties of textile products, including non-wovens.

    Rest results show our coated, disposable hospital, window and shower curtains provide excellent anti-bacterial properties, with a fast kill time.

    Additionally, our curtains meet BS 5867-2:2008 Type B/C standards for flame retardancy. This ensures compliance with the relevant regulations for your facility.

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    Superbly Engineered

    We realise there are several choices when looking for disposable hospital cubicle, window and shower curtains. While many products may look the same, it is important to consider not only the price, but also the quality and efficacy:

    • Our curtains use 22mm eyelets which are significantly stronger. Additionally our eyelets are not only stamped but sonically welded into the fabric. This means a fast hang time, less breakage and less wastage.
    • Our curtains feature reinforced, double coated leading edges. We understand how curtains are used, and we have adapted our manufacturing process accordingly to give you a superior quality product at an extremely competitive price.
    • Our production process follows a strict Quality Management System (QMS) in accordance with ISO 13485:2018 standards. We do not cut corners in our production and supply process. You are assured of receiving the exact same, high quality product each and every time.
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    ISO13485:2016 Mark
    CE Mark
    Recycle PP Mark


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