Your Reliable Manufacturer of Bulk Disinfectant Wipes and Sprays. Made in Britain.

3G Medical Disinfectant Products Headline Banner3G Medical has been at the forefront of infection control products since 2015. We are a reliable source of quality bulk disinfectant, anti-viral, anti-bacterial wipes and sprays to businesses across the UK and Europe. 

Your Reliable, Dependable and Friendly source for Bulk Disinfectant Wipes and Sprays

Our products are proudly Made in Britain. For hard surface sanitising requirements, look no further than our antiviral disinfectant range.

We pride ourselves on reliability and friendly service. Our goal is to be the best UK manufacturer and supplier of infection control products.

Our clients tell us they feel safer knowing they can rely on us to provide them with their industrial disinfectant needs - whatever the size of the order. This makes us proud.

Testing and Efficacy of Disinfectant Products

Our products are rigorously tested to UK and EU standards, with lab reports publicly available. Safety Data Sheets are available on request.

Our products contain no alcohol and no hazardous chemicals (please refer to details on the SDS). Our products are PH neutral, fragrance free and contain no bleach.

From Small Orders to Bulk Requirements

We supply gyms, schools, universities, churches and businesses of all kinds. We offer several shipping options, from next-day delivery to LTL freight.

Free shipping is available on non-freight orders over £40 to the mainland UK. There are no minimum requirements and bulk or volume discount is applied right on our website at checkout.

Bulk disinfectant wipes UK

Ordering via Purchase Order/Pro Forma

We accept orders via Purchase Order. Simply email your PO through to us: We will issue you with a pro-forma invoice.

Payment can be made by:

  • Faster Payment Service (bank transfer), BACS or CHAPS
  • Cheque
  • Credit Card (over the phone or online)
  • Credit Account for Commercial Customers
  • PayPal

Credit accounts are available to qualifying customers (subject to successful application). We also accept orders from and work with government entities to meet their volume requirements for sanitising wipes and sprays.

Collection of disinfectant products | 3G Medical

Product Range - Surface Wipes and Surface Sprays to Kill Viruses, Bacteria and a Wide Range of Pathogens

Whatever the application, our products are first and foremost designed with the protection of our clients in mind.

COSHH/SDS information is available on request, and lab reports are readily available for download on the various product pages on our website.

Disinfecting the surfaces in your school or businesses with a 3G Medical product, gives your students, clients, patrons or constituents the best possible protection. It also gives you peace of mind. 

Our products are designed to deploy antibacterial, fungicidal, sporicidal and virucidal defense in hospitals, medical offices, schools, businesses, restaurants and homes.

Pack Sizes Suitable for Home Use or for Commercial and Industrial Applications

The pack size varies:

Use our products, alongside your range of cleaning products, to prepare and disinfect surfaces including tables, chairs, desks, doors and door handles, gym equipment, card handles and more.

Practically any hard surface susceptible to human contact can be effectively disinfected in one minute or less with the 3G Medical range of disinfectant products.

Your Partner in Effective, Reliable Infection Control

We proudly make our products in Britain. Established in 2015, our goal (and the origin of our name) is to eradicate preventable infections within 3 generations, through innovative products, technology and excellent customer service.

Let us be your business partner in keeping you and your loved ones, employees and colleagues safe from infection in 2021 and beyond.

Contact Us today for more information, or to discuss your specific requirements.